How to apply

This section gives step-by-step advice on applying for a grant.


The John Ellerman Foundation is closed to first stage applications until further notice.

We are reviewing our funding approach and criteria and will publish new guidelines when we reopen at the end of June 2018.


Before you apply

In order to prepare your application, please make sure you are eligible for a grant.

It is very important to do this, as around half the applications we receive are not eligible and so fall at the first fence. This preparation will also help you find out what we are looking for, and how to make the best case.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Have you read all the guidelines? Either on this website or by printing a copy.
  2. Do you and your work fit our eligibility criteria? This applies to all applicants in all categories.
  3. Does your application fit the guidelines for the relevant category? There are specific criteria for Arts, Environment or Welfare.

Please also check the FAQs which may answer some of your queries.

We have a two-stage application process:

Stage 1: We ask for a brief description of your organisation and what you would like us to fund on no more than two sides of A4, plus some financial information.

Stage 2: If you are invited to the next stage we will ask you for a full application.