What matters to us

When preparing your application, you should bear in mind that there are some underlying themes that illustrate what we are looking for.

You will see from the grants we make that we aim to advance wellbeing by supporting excellent organisations.

We are a responsive funder, so will listen to what you judge is important. We are happy to fund core costs and you can use our grant as matched-funding. This trust means we attach great importance to the quality of the charities we support, seeking those which are well run and aspirational.

We want our grants to have a practical outcome, so your application should tell us what you want to achieve and how you will do this. In order for our funds to have as wide an impact as possible we fund work with a national footprint. We also list some features which could demonstrate the potential for far-reaching change.

We are keen to learn about the difference you have made as a result of the grant so you should be able to tell us how you will monitor and evaluate progress.

Our independence means we are happy to consider applications for work which may be hard to fund – perhaps because it is uncharismatic, does not have a high public profile or for some other reason does not easily attract support.

Relationships are important to us at every stage of the process. Our Trustees are involved in decision-making and, if you succeed in reaching the second-stage of an application, we will visit you.