What we do not fund

You should double check that you are not excluded by reading the list below. You can find further details in the FAQs on our website where indicated.

Please do not apply if:

  • your application has been turned down within the previous 12 months
  • your grant ended less than 12 months ago
  • you focus on a single medical area, such as an individual disease, organ or condition; this is explained in the FAQs
  • you are a hospital, hospice, school, college or university, unless you are a leading university specialist unit; this is explained in the FAQs.

Please do not apply for a grant for any of the following:

  • individuals, including student grants or bursaries
  • general and round-robin appeals
  • capital developments and individual items of equipment
  • promotion of religion and places of worship
  • replacement or subsidy of statutory funding, or for work we consider should be funded by government
  • individual campaigns
  • one-off events, such as conferences, trips, seminars, masterclasses, summer schools, single commissions, productions or festivals
  • arts organisations and projects whose main focus is supporting and developing individuals
  • sport, leisure or individual holiday schemes
  • education, such as initiatives linked to the curriculum, arts or environmental educational projects
  • medical research or treatment, including drug and alcohol rehabilitation services
  • prisons and offenders
  • counselling and psychotherapy services.