31 July 2016

Latest Grants


Everyman & Playhouse
Towards the costs of a new model, the Playhouse Residencies: a hub for visiting theatre companies to stay for a longer period, thereby creating a more in-depth and valuable experience.

over three years

New Vic Theatre
Towards the salary of an Assistant Director to support the artistic development and delivery of show transfers and touring.

over three years


Sustainable Inshore Fisheries Trust
Towards the core costs of contributing to a review of Scotland's fisheries legislation to ensure that inshore waters are managed in line with international best practice.

over three years


Blue Sky Development
Towards the salary of a Commercial Director to help increase and diversify jobs for ex-offenders and enhance the training provided to improve longer term career prospects.

over two years

Communication Matters
Towards the core costs of its work in supporting individuals with no speech who communicate through augmentative and alternative communication systems.

over two years

Disability Rights UK
Towards the core costs of its advice work to disabled people and support organisations, including an independent living helpline, members' advice service and online information.

over two years

Forward Thinking
Towards core costs, specifically to run programmes and events which build bridges between divided communities and give a voice to young British Muslim communities.

over 18 months

The Food Train
Towards the salary costs of a Development Manager to take its model of supporting elderly people from Scotland to elsewhere in the UK.

over 21 months

Towards the core costs of providing advice and support for one parent families.

over two years

New Family Social
Towards the salary costs of a Volunteer Coordinator to support its volunteers who provide personal and social networks for LGBT adopters and foster carers and their children.

over three years