09 February 2017

Latest Grants


Orchestras Live
Towards the salaries of the two Partnership Managers to deliver ambitious local orchestral strategies with their national network of promoter partners.

over 2 years

Towards the salaries of the General Manager and the Concerts & Promotions Officer, to allow the ensemble to respond to increasing demand for their concerts and outreach work.

over 3 years


Fishing into the Future
Towards the core costs of bringing together fishermen, scientists, government, environmental groups and other stakeholders to work towards a more sustainable fishing industry.

over 2 years

Towards the salary of the Conservation Coordinator, to protect amphibians and reptiles, and their habitats, through conservation work and environmental education.

over 3 years

Funding Fish
Towards the costs of the Ocean Disclosure Project, which aims to reduce overfishing by encouraging retailers in the UK to disclose the sustainability of their fish sources.

over 3 years

John Muir Trust
Towards the costs of the Peatland Programme, a collaboration which aims to enrich and develop healthy ecosystems by promoting peatland restoration on a substantial scale across the UK.

over 2 years


Centre for Sustainable Healthcare
Towards the core costs of their work developing greener models of care in the NHS.

over 3 years

Chance UK
Towards the salary of the Quality and Evaluation Manager to improve the quality and impact measurement of their early intervention programme for the most at risk young people aged 5-10 and their parents.

over 2 years

Just for Kids Law
Towards the costs of training new law graduates to work alongside lawyers and youth advocates to offer one-to-one, holistic support to young people with legal and other difficulties.

over 2 years

Stepping Out
Towards the core costs of the theatre company's work using performing arts as an instrument for recovery, personal development and social change for mental health service users.

over 3 years

The Point of Care Foundation
Towards the costs of promoting the Schwarz Rounds, a structured forum for all healthcare staff to discuss the emotional and social aspects of their work to improve patient care.

over 3 years