06 June 2017

Latest Grants


Philarmonia Orchestra
Towards bringing their Virtual Orchestra to 3 of their residencies in Leicester, Bedford and Canterbury to engage new audiences with the arts

Over 2 years

Scottish Ensemble
Towards the core costs of the development and promotion of two innovative models of orchestral practice, residencies and cross-artform projects, and touring these projects more widely in the UK

Over 3 years

SICK! Festival
Towards the salary of an Executive Director to support the festival during a pivotal period of growth and development following its relocation to Manchester.

Over 2 years

Somerset House Trust
Towards the salary of an Artist Development Producer to establish and grow a new national network for cross-disciplinary arts with regional partners and host residencies for regionally based artists

Over 2 years

Talawa Theatre Company
Towards the core costs of an innovative commissioning and script development scheme for Black writers

Over 3 years


Bumblebee Conservation Trust
Towards the costs of improving habitats for bumblebees in North Kent, home to 5 of the 6 most endangered species of bumblebee in the UK

Over 3 years

Greenpeace Environmental Trust
Towards the costs of carrying out research and practical activities to reduce plastics in the sea and support people, corporates and the government to take action and put in place tangible solutions

Over 3 years

Shark Trust
Towards the core costs of their shark conservation work in the UK and the Falkland Islands using science and responsible consumer supply chains

Over 3 years


Anti-Tribalism Movement
Towards the salary of an Operations Manager to develop their work bringing young people and communities from different backgrounds together to resolve conflict and advance social cohesion

Over 2 years

Campaign Bootcamp
Towards the costs of providing campaign training for disabled activists so they have the skills, networks and confidence to take action on the issues that matter most to them

Over 3 years

Cleanup UK
Towards the costs of expanding to Birmingham support volunteer litter groups in disadvantaged areas to improve local neighbourhoods and develop community cohesion

Over 2 years

Foyer Federation 
Towards the core costs of a staff training and change management programme, to enable foyers to develop homeless young people while becoming more sustainable

Over 3 years