13 September 2017

Latest Grants


English National Ballet
Towards the core costs of their artistic programme during a period of transition to a new home on London City Island

Over 3 years

Towards core costs, specifically towards dancers' salaries and the appointment of a new Rehearsal Director at a time of organisational growth

Over 1 year


Oceana UK
Towards their expansion to the UK with the aim of supporting research expeditions in the North Sea and data analysis to contribute to the establishment of marine protected areas

Over 3 years

University of Oxford
Towards the costs of the development and implementation of Seabord Watch, a citizen science model of data collection, in the UK Overseas Territories

Over 2 years


Towards the core costs of their work building healthier and happier families with children under five

Over 3 years

Stop the Traffik
Towards the salary of the CEO to continue their work educating and empowering communities to prevent and disrupt human trafficking and modern slavery

Over 3 years

Towards the core costs of their work reducing violence among vulnerable young people by giving them the skills and confidence to provide first aid and create positive change in their lives

Over 3 years

The Silver Line
Towards the costs of expanding their helpline which aims to combat loneliness and isolation among vulnerable older people

Over 2 years

Towards the core costs of increasing opportunities for blind and partially sighted people to experience theatres, museums, galleries and heritage sites

Over 3 years

Jamie's Farm
Towards the salaries of key staff to continue their work with disadvantaged young people through a transformative week-long residential at one of their farms

Over 3 years