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Creative Minds

This project aims to get people talking about quality in art by learning disabled artists and performers, through a series of conversations and activities. More at creativemindsproject.org.uk

AVA - Against Violence and Abuse

AVA is a national organisation working to end all forms of violence against women and girls. Forced marriage is serious but hidden problem, and AVA has worked closely with the government’s Forced Marriage Unit and charities to tackle this. Animage, its partner in this project, has a track record of producing high impact films on social concerns. ‘Our Girl’ is a short film on forced marriage, intended as a  new resource aimed to promote discussions in schools and communities that will bring the subject into the open. At the end of the film the FMU helpline will be screened telling people how to get help and information for those at risk of being forcibly married. Watch the film here: http://vimeo.com/100885525

A second film called ‘True Stories’ consists of longer pieces of the same women describing their experience of forced marriage in more detail. Watch the film here: http://vimeo.com/101035867

The Foundation’s grant contributed towards the costs of the film, which will be shown across the country in schools and community settings. 

Dementia Advocacy Network – Taking their side: fighting their corner

Dementia Advocacy Network (DAN) is a national support network for advocates working with people with dementia. DAN is part of The Advocacy Project, a new charity formed in October 2012 from the merging of three established specialist organisations. The service runs across several London boroughs supporting older people, people with learning disabilities and people using mental health services. The charity works closely with service users to help protect them and give them a voice.

The John Ellerman Foundation is funding DAN and specifically the Advocacy Project. A previous grant helped to fund this publication.

Download Taking their side: fighting their corner


Green Alliance – The Last Parliament

Green Alliance is a charity and independent think tank working to increase political support for ambitious environmental solutions. For over 30 years it has worked with leaders from the NGO and business communities to generate new thinking, dialogue and solutions.

This publication describes the work our grant helped pay for.

Download Green Alliance – The Last Parliament

ACF – The Governance & Financial Management of Endowed Charitable Foundations

Written by Richard Jenkins, The Governance & Financial Management of Endowed Charitable Foundations examines the common principles for the management of charitable foundations and, through interviews and case studies, shows the ways different organisations have implemented them to get the best value for their charitable aims. The report identifies that there are 900 endowed foundations in England and Wales with income over £500,000. With collective assets of £48.5bn – nearly half the Voluntary Sector assets of the UK as a whole - they are together responsible for £2.3bn charitable spending each year.

John Ellerman Foundation Trustees Sarah Riddell and Dominic Caldecott contributed to the research for this publication. Their comments can be found on pp 49 and 50.

Download The Governance & Financial Management of Endowed Charitable Foundations

ACF – For Good and Not for Keeps

For Good And Not For Keeps was commissioned to explore one of the most testing questions faced by trustees of charities with long-term missions, who rely on investment assets to fund their activities: ‘How much can we safely spend on our charitable activities year on year while preserving the value of our investment assets for future generations?’. Written by Richard Jenkins (ACF) and Kate Rogers (Schroders) the report also explores an alternative to the traditional two options available to trustees: either to spend out within a few years, or to preserve their investment portfolio for all time. The authors call this alternative ‘open ended’ charity, a result of their research findings that preserving the real value of endowments is only ever going to be a probability rather than a certainty.

Download For Good and Not for Keeps