What we fund

The grants we make reflect our interest in wellbeing and excellence. Our funding is in three categories, and we aim to allocate it broadly as follows:

Arts 25%
Environment 25%
Welfare 50%

We remain flexible within these targets.

This section includes a list of all the grants made since 2010, and a few in-depth case studies. When looking at the grants made before 2013 please bear in mind that we have reduced our categories to three. The list of grants gives the amount awarded, but not always the kind of work we now support.

If you are thinking of applying please read our guidance carefully first.

  • Arts

    We believe that art has the potential to enrich and transform lives. We support arts organisations that represent excellence in their field at a national level.

    If you work in the performing arts – particularly theatre, dance and music – you are eligible to apply.

    If you work in the visual arts, a museum or gallery you can only apply to our annual programme. This has its own criteria and application process.

  • Environment

    Our aim is to contribute to greater harmony between people and the planet. We fund in two areas: 

    • managing habitats
    • protecting the seas.

    We will also consider applications for work in the UK Overseas Territories. 

  • Welfare

    This category is for people facing poverty, hardship and other forms of disadvantage. It aims to help them lead fuller, more independent lives. We fund in two areas: 

    • realising individual potential
    • strengthening personal and social networks.
Please note

All applicants must: 

See here for how to apply