Analysis of trends

This section gives some overall numbers about the applications we received and the grants approved in the 12 months to 31 March 2014.

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This was an unusual year, as we were closed to new applications for six months to June 2013 during our strategic review.   Once we re-opened, our grantmaking only returned to normal levels in November, so we made fewer grants than in a normal year.   

In the year to 31 March 2014:

  • We made 43 grants worth £3.4m
  • Our budget changed to: 
    • Arts 25%
    • Environment 25%
    • Welfare 50% 
  • The average size of a grant was £26,000 pa
  • Core funding represented 53% of the grants; this is less than last year, as the Regional Museums and Galleries Fund tends to support projects
  • Most grants were for more than one year:
    • 2 were for one year
    • 20 were for two years
    • 21 were for three years
  • Of the grants made, seven were for regional museums and galleries. These are included in the total for the Arts category.

Applications and success rates
There was a great deal of interest in applying to the Foundation when we re-opened in June.  Applications gradually levelled off and by the end of the year averaged 25 per month, of which a significant proportion were in the Welfare category.  

Of the 445 initial applications received:

  • only about 40% matched the guidelines. The main reason for this was that applicants were only working locally, and not across England or the UK
  • 261 were eligible, of which 21% were invited to second stage
  • 55 became second-stage applications, of which 78% received a grant.
New categories

The budget share for each area of interest is:
    • Arts 25%
    • Environment 25%
    • Welfare 50%