Blackpool Council

Blackpool has a long history as a working-class seaside resort, providing popular entertainment, theatre and a seaside holiday. The Council is responsible for four major collections associated with the town’s cultural and social history: Blackpool Illuminations, The Tower Company, Winter Gardens and Grundy Art Gallery.  It is keen to breathe new life into these collections and make them more available to a wider public, by building strong partnerships with nearby universities, local and national museums and galleries. Their Exhibition Advisory Group comprises leading professionals from the region.  

Blackpool Council was one of seven organisations awarded a grant from our new Regional Museums and Gallery Fund, which aims to strengthen curatorial skills in museums and galleries. With our grant for a new Collections Officer, they will build a strong foundation for the future by improving how these collections are researched, managed and displayed.  This will both be a good developmental role for an up-and-coming curator and strengthen curatorial knowledge and expertise within Blackpool’s arts and heritage team. 



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£135,000 over two years 

‘We were impressed by the strength of the local commitment, and keen to provide support at a critical time in the revival of these unusual and popular collections.’