£60,000 over two years


Butterfly Conservation

Three-quarters of British butterflies are in decline and over 60 species of moths became extinct during the last century.  Butterfly Conservation aims to protect these insects, educate people about their importance as indicators of a healthy environment and undertake conservation work to improve their habitats so they can thrive.

In our Environment category we are interested in work which connects people and nature, rather than treating individual species in isolation. We were impressed by the charity’s track record of improving habitats to protect butterflies and moths, which also means forming partnerships with landowners, the local community, statutory agencies and other charities.  

Our support towards the Director of Conservation and Landscape Conservation Manager will help develop this work.  Together they will lead a programme of new and larger landscape-scale conservation projects in 21 areas across six English regions.  This should help conserve at least 28 species of butterflies and moths, and provide wider biodiversity benefits in each area. 

‘We are keen to support charities which focus on specific species and whose work benefits the wider habitat.’