Sheila McKechnie Foundation

This small charity helps individuals and grassroots groups who have identified a problem and want to do something about it. Working across the UK, it targets those who are less likely to get attention, because they are marginalised or face disadvantage.

People who experience a problem often know best what is needed to resolve it. But many need help to do this, which is where the Sheila McKechnie Foundation comes in.  With their support, a Leeds resident persuaded the DWP to make call charges free for mobiles, thereby benefitting millions of people on low incomes who can’t afford a landline. In Norfolk, a registered blind bus user invited the leader of the Council on a blindfold bus journey, so he could experience both the value and challenges of public transport for blind and partially sighted people. A few months later, his authority reversed the cuts to concessionary all-day bus passes

This is a thoughtful charity, seeking regular feedback from those it helps and using this to improve its work. There was clear evidence of a practical difference to people’s lives. As so much of the work fits our funding priorities, in this case a core grant seemed the most helpful contribution. 

Sheila McKechnie Foundation image

£105,000 over three years

‘SMK supports people to have the skills and confidence to speak out on issues that matter to them.’