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Our Museums and Galleries Fund is now open for applications

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Ballet Black ©Bc20180315 The Suit 151

We typically support small to medium sized organisations whose work has national significance

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Ballet Black – The Suit © Bill Cooper

The Orchard Project Group Planting

We will support core costs or projects, depending on what is needed

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The Orchard Project – Group and planting © Orchard Project

Bumblebee Conservation Trust Environment Shrill Carder Bee Bombus Slyvarum Levels

We are a responsive funder so listen to what applicants judge is important

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Bumblebee Conservation Trust – Shrill Carder Bee, Bombus slyvarum © Steven Falk

We are an independent grantmaking foundation supporting charities that make a difference to people, society and the natural world.

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Survey feedback

We are a funder that is committed to being responsive, discerning, connected, flexible and demonstrating a personal touch in all that we do – especially when making grants.

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John Muir Reprofiling On Beinn Dubh Looking South Over Loch Lomond C Loch Lomond And The Trossachs National Park

Finance and investments

We exist to make grants to charities and wish to do so for the long term. Investing our endowment provides us with greater capacity to make grants to charities into the future.

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The areas we fund

Northern Stage – Gecko The Wedding © Mike Kwasniak Gecko The Wedding At Northern Stage Spring 2017 2200Px


Supporting the potential of the highest quality art to enrich and transform lives.

Chagos Conservation Trust – Blenheim Reef © Jon Slayer Chagos Blenheim Reef C Jon Slayer


Contributing to greater harmony between people and the planet.

Heart n Soul © Heart n Soul Heart N Soul

Social Action

Helping create a society where all can thrive.

You can see our latest grants for Museum and Galleries for 2021 in the Grants List now

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